We treat your data seriously.

Your text data is not accessed or analyzed for any purpose. The text data you save in Voicepaper is saved only to your device. Your text data history is not shared. Your text data history is not sent to a server. It is only saved to your iOS device.

In Voicepaper, you can send feedback anonymously using the Feedback Box. When you use this feature, the OS version, device model information (e.g. iPhone, iPad), and the version of Voicepaper are sent to help solve issues more efficiently.

Data Analytics
Voicepaper tracks some data anonymously in order to improve the app experience. For example, to fix bugs efficiently, it tracks the app's crash logs, as well as the amount the app is used, the amount some features are used, and the different versions which have been made available. None of this data can be traced to any individual user.

Google Drive Usage via Voicepaper
Use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.