Hi, this update has an important announcement.

Japanese accounting software company freee K.K. will acquire Taxnote around late June and I would like to write about the background.

Firstly, I released Taxnote in Feb 2014 as a personal project and have updated it little by little from that time. Fortunately, Taxnote users have been increased steadily since then.

I had been doing user supports, developments as a solo developer for over 7 years, but recently, I always thought that this app is already beyond my capability.

I have been always worried that Taxnote could die if I die accidentally over the past few years.

Last year, I got a chance to meet and talk about the app boy out with accounting software company freee K.K.

Even though the offer should be good financially to me, I really wanted Taxnote to be managed by a company that can keep the simplicity and has capabilities for app development.

They already have experience in running accounting web services and apps. They said that they will want to manage Taxnote in the same way as before and do not want to ruin the simplicity since it is the strength of the app.

We talked about it for a half year. I also met their developers and support team during that time, and my trust in them has been born by degrees, and I decided this thing.

I will get involved with them as an adviser for a while and I wish that Taxnote will get better under their management.