@After Updating
Very rarely, the data of Zeny becomes invisible as the data has been lost after updating.  In this case, please backup your data even though you don't see the data using iOS note app, Dropbox or Evernote (Not Zeny Premium auto backup) and try to restore it.

Please note that Zeny data is not saved in iTunes or iCloud.  

You can backup or restore your data with Dropbox or Evernote iOS app.  Please note that you need to install Dropbox or Evernote apps on your devices.

This is a way to backup manually, but If you subscribe to Zeny Premium, you can use auto-backup. please check the Upgrade screen for details.

Tap "Data Backup" on Settings, then save the data to Dropbox or Evernote.   


(The latest dropbox is different in the step 3.)
1.  Open iOS Dropbox app and tap your data.
2.  You see "No Preview Available" in the screen.
3.  Tap the button in the upper right corner and tap the Export.
4.  Select "Open In..."
5.  Tap "Open in Zeny"

1.  Open iOS Evernote app and tap your data. 
2.  Tap the Zeny data which show "?" mark.
3.  Tap the button in the right upper corner.
4.  Select "Open in Zeny "